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A new footbridge for Oxford

Oxford has long been one of our favourite cities. A short 15-minute walk from its centre, just off Abingdon Road, lies the beautiful Hinksey Park. Dating back to 1930, this lush green setting is nestled between giant redwood and pine trees, offering a haven for people and surrounding wildlife.

The park has long been a focal point for the local community. Naturally, Greenford Ltd is extremely proud to be associated with this iconic landmark.

In June 2018, Oxford Direct Services asked Greenford Ltd to undertake the construction of a new pedestrian bridge for this park.

Greenford Ltd removed the old bridge and installed a temporary bridge as well as a footpath during the works.

During the process, Greenford Ltd painted the bridge, repaired and repainted the existing hand rails. The project included removing three timber beams, breaking out existing concrete ballast walls and fixing the bridge’s decking.

The new footbridge was installed with a combination of timber and steel construction.

The next time you are looking for an ideal spot to enjoy a picnic or spend some quality time with loved ones, make sure to add Hinksey Park to your list!

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