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Waterway Wall Repairs

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Greenford has completed works on the repair of a waterway wall, beginning with the clearance and establishment of the canal line and boundary.

In order to complete this, Greenford has driven galvanised interlocking sheets into the earth to create dry space to work on the repair and re-landscape of the space.

There are two rows of interlocking galvanised sheets, which will help to strengthen the barrier between the wall and the watercourse.

Greenford constructed step detail from the garden to the lower levels and fixed a high-quality timber facia to the sheet piling to create a natural border to the garden.

"Simon and Rafal have supervised a great team very successfully - they were all good company, courteous and have taken a lot of care not to damage the rest of the garden whilst installation works were carried out. They have completed the task on schedule and in a timely fashion - ready for Christmas!

We have also received many favourable comments from passing neighbours and villagers. It makes a difference."

- Simon and Mary Crouch.

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