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Clophill Lakes Boardwalk and Viewing Platform

The Greensand Trust aims to create a Nature Reserve that fosters a diverse range of habitats, from wetlands where otters, sand martins, and dragonflies thrive, to grasslands that support skylarks and wildflowers. This endeavour seeks to balance public access with environmental preservation and enhancement. To accomplish this goal, Greenford Limited was commissioned to assist with the project.

As part of the development of the Nature Reserve, Greenford Limited served as both the Scheme Principal Contractor and Designer for the installation of a 65-meter recycled 'Plaswood' Boardwalk.

This boardwalk spans across 'Eastern Lake,' and features a 3m x 2m Viewing Platform and Handrails. The installation involved careful management of site vehicles and pedestrian traffic, as well as regular interaction with stakeholders and the public. The project seeks to promote and facilitate access to observe and engage with wildlife and the surrounding landscape within 36 hectares of reclaimed land.

Learn more about the Clophill Lakes Nature Reserve here:

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