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Greenford is thrilled to be able to carry out complex civil engineering projects on UK waterways, helping to increase biodiversity, conservation and restoration. These projects align with our values of sustainability and preservation of heritage. With a wealth of experience working in highly ecologically sensitive areas, Greenford's innovative solutions are a popular choice for these kind of complex works.

Renewable Projects: Text

Green Lane Weir and Fish Pass, Maidenhead

We were pleased to finish our work as Principal Contractor for the construction of the Green Lane weir in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The project, Maidenhead Waterways, aims to restore the previously neglected waterways and return the town centre to its former riverside glory.

Greenford Green Lane Weir - Maidenhead Waterways

Greenford Green Lane Weir - Maidenhead Waterways

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Bevere Weir Fish Pass, River Severn

We are pleased to have completed construction of the fish pass at Bevere weir. The pass is part of the project Unlocking the Severn, which encompasses our commitment to the environment and sustainability. The project will open up 158 miles of river, allowing fish to migrate to spawning areas. After 16 months of hard work – the pass opened on 23rd September. The project was not without challenges, including flooding thanks to the wettest February on record, and delays due to COVID 19. Despite this, the temporary dam was removed this September and the pass filled with water. For the first time in over 170 years, fish have a free passage past the weir at Bevere!

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