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Our Projects

At Greenford Ltd, we work together to meet each challenge that comes our way. No matter how complex or involved each new engineering project is, our versatile team has the experience and expertise to know exactly what is required to achieve success. 

Watch our video to see a showcase of our various projects in different sectors.

Projects: Projects


Greenford is thrilled to be able to carry out complex civil engineering projects on UK waterways, helping to increase biodiversity, conservation and restoration. These projects align with our values of sustainability and preservation of heritage. With a wealth of experience working in highly ecologically sensitive areas, Greenford's innovative solutions are a popular choice for these kind of complex works.

Renewable Projects

Greenford Ltd are proud to be part of a number of renewable energy projects. Through our involvement in these projects, we are contributing to the environmental sustainability of Britain. We are proud to form part of the movement towards increased sustainable energy.


Special Projects

At Greenford Ltd we consider all of our projects to be special. However, there are occasions where we are part of a new, unique or alternative construction project which provides us an opportunity to develop new and innovative methods beyond the conventional.

Restoration Projects

Greenford Ltd is known for quality, craftsmanship and professionalism. It is because of this reputation that we are often entrusted with the responsibility of restoring public and private structures. Over the years, Greenford has been honoured to undertake projects on some of the UK's most important places of national heritage. Recently, this has included the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge and the Scheduled Ancient Monument of Oxford Castle Mound. We are one of a select few contractors approved to work in such historically significant areas. 

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Public Realm

Greenford have an impressive history of working closely with the public on public realm works. We ensure that the public are well informed of any and all disruption. Where possible, we will station a Greenford satellite office, as a "drop in" for any members of the public to find out more and ask questions. Where an office is not possible, we inform all members of the public and encourage anyone to get in touch with us to discuss in further detail. For more on our relationship with the public, click here

Riparian Works

Greenford Ltd specialises in riparian works on the canals, waterways and marinas of Britain. Our impressive repertoire includes the creating and repairing of bridges, embankments, towpaths, cycle-ways, walkways, waterway furniture, marinas, reservoirs and environmental improvement works.

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