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Green Lane Weir works complete!

Greenford have recently completed works to the highly anticipated Green Lane weir in Maidenhead, Berkshire! Its completion will be celebrated at an official launch event scheduled for 14 March 2020!

Appointed as the Principal Contractor by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Greenford were responsible for constructing a fish and eel pass and the creation of the weir.

The weir raised water levels, allowing water to flow over the weir crest before cascading down. The fish and eel passes allow wildlife to pass freely, whether upstream or downstream, at their appropriate developmental stages and times of the year.

Boat rollers have been installed to facilitate small boat navigation through sections of York Stream. Visitors can look forward to exploring the previously neglected town centre, whether for boating or walking!

We believe that this project will make a significant difference to the Maidenhead community! Watch our time-lapse footage below to see the results of this exciting project!

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