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Haydon Hill Cycleway Project

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Construction has begun on the cycleway at Haydon Hill in Aylesbury. The exciting project has been commissioned by Buckinghamshire County Council.

The cycleway involves 3 bridges over the river Thame in an ecologically sensitive area.

The route will provide a traffic free "greenway" for walkers and cyclists between Aylesbury town centre and Aylesbury Parkway train station, to enhance access and recreation for the community; supporting the AVDC Local Plan Policy NE7 Local Green Spaces.

The children of the local community had recently created the "Haydon Hill stone snake". Greenford have been careful to ensure that the snake remains undisturbed, and even added a stone of our own!

We are pleased to be involved in the construction of another Cycleway, having completed Kennington Cycleway in 2020. The Kennington Cycleway won the Oxford Preservation Trust Landscape & Public Realm award.

Construction continues on Haydon Hill Cycleway - 22/06/21

We’re a few weeks into the project now, and the cycleway is really starting to shape up! Designed with flowing, natural curvature through Aylesbury parkland to connect the town centre to the train station, the cycleway groundwork is in place.

Despite a wet couple of days, Greenford have placed the first of the three bridges, and will begin the process of creating a gradual incline slope up to the bridge.

The area is prone to flooding, so Greenford have allowed tubes, fixed within the main bridge, to act as vents to distribute floodwater evenly.

Due to the closeness of a roman road, there have been a few interesting archaeological findings in the construction project, with a possible pre-roman cremation pot discovered under the earth.

Archaeological findings under the soil. (The white markers)

The first of three bridges on the new Cycleway, bridging a stream which is prone to flooding.

The client decided that such a momentous bridge should have a commemorative signature of those who built it.

When the work is done, make sure you visit and look out for the concrete Greenford signature!

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