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Uffington Culvert

Uffington Mill Bridge was a 1.75m single-span brickwork arch, which carried Fernham road over a tributary stream of the River Ock, situated to the west of the village of Uffington.

Upon inspection by Oxfordshire County Council, the structure was found to be in need of reconstruction.

Greenford Limited were appointed to complete the works beginning with the demolition of the existing structure.

Greenford created a temporary structure to support a temporary Thames Water rider main and BT duct, which will be fixed into the new structure without the need to disrupt services.

Once Greenford had demolished and cleared the existing bridge the space was excavated and prepared for three six-tonne concrete box culverts to be crane-lifted into place.

These concrete culverts were then waterproofed using a specialist two-coat waterproofing membrane.

This membrane will protect the culvert and help to prevent erosion of the concrete.

Greenford then backfilled and installed parapets, concrete bagwork and scour protection.

Once this was complete, river flow constraints put in place at the beginning of the works were removed to allow the natural flow of the river through the culvert to resume.

The road surface and kerbside will be constructed and Greenford will finish the works by clearing the drainage gullies and pipes surrounding the structure.

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