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The Lake House

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Located between the villages of Frensham, Churt and Bordon lies The Lake House - a unique waterside property with a rich and abundant wildlife.

Greenford Ltd are proud to be part of the team who recently completed riparian works at this extraordinary house.

Greenford Ltd supported various aspects of the project ranging from drainage works to the creation of a terrace leading up to the beach at the lake's edge.

Flank walls were created to manage the level change between the high-level garden and the lower level terrace, designed to allow the flow of water below the terrace level while retaining sufficient strength to support the higher-level load.

Lake dredging was carried out by Greenford Ltd along with bank re-shaping and excavation to create the desired beach at the lake's edge.

Greenford Ltd are proud to have been able to deliver the various technical requirements involved in this project.

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