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Birmingham Roundhouse Restoration

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

The Roundhouse in Birmingham is a ground-breaking partnership between the Canal & River Trust and the National Trust to breathe new life into this iconic landmark.

Originally designed by WH Ward, this unique, horseshoe-shaped building has survived for centuries. In 1976, this beautiful and striking building was given a Grade II* listing due to its historic importance. Greenford Ltd are delighted to be a part of reviving this building from roof to cobble.

The iconic Birmingham Roundhouse as seen from above.

The renovated Roundhouse promises to be a popular waterside location where people who share a passion for heritage can collaborate, relax and socialise.

Greenford Ltd carefully repaired the roofs of both the Roundhouse as well as the Gatehouses. Where large sections of the roof tiles needed to be replaced, we adapted the philosophy of preserving the original tiles and making them a part of the renovation. By doing so, Greenford Ltd was able to preserve the look and feel of the historic building and avoiding any discolouration on the roof.

Keeping preservation at the forefront of this project, all bricks removed from the walls of the Roundhouse and Gatehouses were carefully removed and stored for potential reuse in the repair of other areas of the walls.

In preparation for the work, a special lime mortar analysis was undertaken on the mortar used during the original construction of the building. The results of this analysis were used to specify the mortar for the brickwork.

Greenford Ltd were also responsible for the installation of six structural portal-frames for strengthening of the building, strengthening of the first floor and repair the internal walls. The project also required Greenford Ltd to repair the internal floors, including insulation, underfloor heating and floor strengthening.

Greenford Ltd installed a further two new staircases, new internal doors and created new internal walls and partitions.

Looking to the future, this piece of urban heritage will undoubtedly bring new and exciting opportunities to the city and we are excited to see it prosper.

Completed project: Photographs taken in July 2021 to show the finished works.

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