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Oxford Castle Mound

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

The Greenford team have made excellent progress with the reconstruction of the meandering pathway up the Oxford Castle Mound, as well as performing intricate dry-stone wall reconstruction works throughout the site.

Working with architects and archaeologists to conserve the historical nature of the site, the Greenford team have secured gradually faltering earth throughout the Mound, which has occurred through natural rainfall erosion.

The pathways have been cleared, smoothed, and reinforced with layers of retaining material, which will help to stop weeds from appearing. The intricate black paving captures shingle in place, helping to maintain a steady footing for visitors.

Lighting will be installed by technicians, and the meandering pathways and iconic two trees at Oxford Castle Mound will be illuminated with fantastic colour changing lighting.

All works have been done by hand, with a conscious choice to avoid using heavy machinery.

At the highest most point of the Castle Mound, a viewing platform has been installed, with the Greenford team wheel-barrowing tonnes of material and solid wood beams to the top on what happened to be the hottest day of 2021 so far!

The viewing platform will act as the focal point to the Mound, attracting visitors to look out at the beautiful City of Oxford.

Wall reparations have taken place, with Greenford construction workers using the original bricks to re-create the dry-stone walling which had collapsed over time. The earth behind the stone has been reinforced to prevent further degradation.

It won't be long now until Oxford Castle Mound construction is complete (for now - the lighting will be installed a little later in the year) and we are looking forward to inviting visitors back to experience the ancient monument.

Click here to see the Oxford Castle Mound lit up with the newly installed Italian lighting!

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